Thursday, August 25, 2005

iTnewswire Late Edition: Microsoft posts sample IM, presence code; Layer 2-3 Ethernet switch revenue grows.

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Friday, 26th August 2005
  • Microsoft posts sample IM, presence code
  • Layer 2-3 Ethernet switch revenue grows
  • PSI announces a compatible mainframe
  • Oracle, Sun target SQL Server sellers
  • Lenovo may fly resellers to Beijing Games
  • Microsoft posts sample IM, presence code
    Microsoft has released sample code and new controls to show how IM and presence can be integrated into everyday business applications. More...

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    Oracle, Sun target SQL Server sellers
    New IM worms talks in tongues
    Microsoft reacts to GoogleTalk with MSN Messenger 7.5

    Layer 2-3 Ethernet switch revenue grows
    Ethernet layer switch revenue gained between the first and second quarters this year with Layer 2-3 Ethernet switch revenue jumping 10 percent to US$3.4 billion. More...

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    Server market shows growth: Gartner
    Computer Associates launches research effort
    AMD, IBM plan to extend their cooperative research

    PSI announces a compatible mainframe
    A group of engineers specialising in the esoteric art of making plug-compatible mainframe computers have been busy raising funds and testing new products. More...

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    BMC readies integration tools for better mainframe management
    IBM outlines mainframe integration roadmap
    Mainframe Migration Alliance adds influential members

    Oracle, Sun target SQL Server sellers
    Oracle and Sun have released database bundles to the channel that aim to challenge Microsoft in the mid-market and and tempt SQL Server resellers. More...

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    Microsoft posts sample IM, presence code
    Server market shows growth: Gartner
    Microsoft reacts to GoogleTalk with MSN Messenger 7.5

    Lenovo may fly resellers to Beijing Games
    Australian resellers may soon be competing for a special once-in-a-lifetime prize being considered by major Olympic Games sponsor Lenovo -- a trip to Beijing to enjoy the next summer Olympiad in 2008. More...

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    Harris restructures sales team
    Partners reap diverse vendor awards
    Player robs virtually, but nabbed in reality


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    ping: Intel shows 'Viiv' | Wages battle wounds Defence | Skin mag sues Google ...and more

    ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
    | Friday, August 26, 2005

    Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities
    that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and
    secure and protect the world?s most critical information. Visit Nortel
    on the Web at
    top stories
    Intel shows 'Viiv'
    INTEL has taken the wraps off plans for a new kind of personal computer
    aimed squarely at the loungeroom.

    Wages battle wounds Defence
    A $131 million Defence Department staff management computer system,
    designed to save the government $100 million a year, ran over time, over
    budget, and is yet to pay for itself.

    Skin mag sues Google
    A US magazine has sued Google alleging it is infringing on copyright by
    displaying thousands of pictures of nude women.

    Crackdown on hackers
    BRAZILIAN police have arrested 85 people accused of stealing more than
    $44 million by hacking into bank accounts.

    Reveal Telstra shares
    RURAL lobby group AgForce is calling for all federal Queensland senators
    and MPs to reveal whether they own Telstra shares before they vote on
    selling the telco giant.

    US fears China hackers
    US Defence Department websites are probed hundreds of times a day by
    hackers, but so far no classified site is known to have been penetrated
    by hackers.

    RFID gets local stripes
    THE Australian Defence Force has signed a $US10.1 million contract for
    its first radio tag tracking system with the same company that supplies
    its US counterpart.

    Award for hi-tech cops
    AUSTRALIA'S hi-tech police and international colleagues have won an
    award for combating internet child sexual abuse.


    news features
    Trojans get specific
    NEW email-borne threats are no longer targeting the online world at
    large but rather a more specific target - either an individual or a


    Optima Centoris KN Series
    AT first glance, this machine from Australian outfit Optima presents
    like the usual square-ish, aluminium box.


    Sol's busy-signal syndrome
    comment | NO one wants to talk about funding a truly national broadband
    network, says Michael Sainsbury.


    it jobs
    Expand your horizons - search over 10,000 jobs at Australian IT Jobs


    also at
    Mobile block in terror hotbed

    Novell takes profit hit

    Barnaby's backdown T3 green light

    Profit rolls for

    Intel bankrolls Unwired works

    Upgrades flow at BigPond

    Playboy goes digital

    Apple on flash spree

    Barnaby backs sale

    Council to mind $3bn bush baby

    Rules no bar, says ACCC

    Multiemedia in sat buy

    Profit for health group

    Optus counts on group SMS

    Nortel nets Defence ethernet


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    [Osdir-daily] OSDL right to reject Windows/Linux TCO study

    The buzz with end users this week is that the Open Source Development Labs
    (OSDL) chose wisely when it rejected an allegedly independent comparison of
    Linux and Windows.

    URL: on the O'Reilly Network
    Osdir-daily mailing list

    [Osdir-daily] How to read Linux reviews

    Once upon a time, reviews related to GNU/Linux and free software in open source
    community publications and Web sites were candy-coated. We were amazed that
    things actually worked, even if making it work required hacking makefiles and
    configuration files, compiling from source, and getting your hands dirty in
    other ways, and gave everything glowing reviews.

    URL: on the O'Reilly Network
    Osdir-daily mailing list

    [Osdir-daily] The Rapid Rise, Release of Asianux 2.0

    The Asianux 2.0 Linux distribution hit the streets of China and Korea today,
    signaling the further rise of the joint Linux development effort against
    competing Linux distributors such as Novell, Red Hat and Sun Wah Linux.

    URL: on the O'Reilly Network
    Osdir-daily mailing list

    ECT News Network Real-Time Alert

    HP Lands Major Lucasfilm Contract

    [Keywords Matched: Linux Apple Windows Microsoft Java "Open source"]
    Hewlett-Packard announced yesterday that it had struck a three year deal with Lucasfilm that will see the company's Industrial Light and Magic special effects house use HP hardware and software to design visual effects for its games and films.
    Read Story on MacNewsWorld

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    ECT News Network Daily Alert

    Fujitsu Unleashes 160 GB Mobile Hard Disk Drive

    [Keywords Matched: iPod PDA Laptop Sun]
    After delivering the industry's first 2.5-inch Serial ATA hard disk drive in January 2004, Fujitsu Computer Products this week set out to close the performance and capacity gap between desktop and laptop computers when it announced its latest hard disk drive. The MHV2160BT is a 4200 RPM, 160 GB 2.5-inch Serial ATA (SATA) drive engineered to address what Fujitsu sees as a growing demand for mobile hard disk drives with the speed and capacity required for high-end audio/video computing.
    Read Story on TechNewsWorld

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    Report: Vonage Preps For IPO

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    Report: Vonage Preps For IPO
    [August 25, 2005] A public offering would illustrate the rapid ascension of VoIP from niche to mainstream.

    Intel Says Viva la 'Viive'
    [August 25, 2005] New consumer brand is for media PCs and other new form-factor devices.

    Moglen: Linux Trademark Needs to be Policed
    [August 25, 2005] Software Freedom Law Center founding director opens up about the Linux trademark issue.

    The Rapid Rise, Release of Asianux 2.0
    [August 25, 2005] Joint development of Asian Linux rolls out in China and Korea. Japan is next. Are competitors taking notes?

    Microsoft Prepares for Backup Role
    [August 24, 2005] Could Data Protection Manager be the start of a big move into storage by Redmond?

    Google IM Not Talking to Other Jabbers
    [August 24, 2005] Newly launched Google Talk IM service doesn't connect to other open source Jabber servers and users -- at least not yet.

    In Any Language, IM Worm a Pain
    [August 24, 2005] A new virus that 'speaks' 10 languages makes the rounds.

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    Now, You're Google-Talking on IM
    [August 24, 2005] New Google Talk service combines IM and VoIP.

    Skype's Platform Open For New Apps
    [August 24, 2005] The IP telephony player lets developers integrate its IM and presence into their Web sites and applications.

    Intel Advances Faster Wireless USB Spec
    [August 24, 2005] Put your printer anywhere you want it.

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