Wednesday, August 31, 2005

iTnewswire Late Edition: US developer wins WA Resources project; New Orleans paper shifts to web only.

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Thursday, 1st September 2005

  • How not to get hacked: Microsoft
  • US developer wins WA Resources project
  • IBM to serve centre court view at US Open
  • Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 due next week
  • New Orleans paper shifts to web only
  • Fujitsu
    How not to get hacked: Microsoft
    Microsoft pushed security to the front of its Tech.Ed agenda on the Gold Coast this week, holding a developer and technical support session aimed explaining the easiest routes to hack attack on any IT network. More...

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    Microsoft announces Release Candidate of Windows Server 2003 R2
    SourceCode eyes .NET workflow sales
    SEC filing shows Microsoft fears Firefox

    US developer wins WA Resources project
    Western Australia's Department of Industry and Resources has awarded a contract to US-based software provider Micro Focus to migrate the department's outsourced legacy systems to Windows. More...

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    Western Digital standardises hard drive warranties
    US channel sales buoy Trend Micro
    Wireless distributor Brightstar lands in Australia

    IBM to serve centre court view at US Open
    IBM will use breakthrough technology to give viewers a centre court perspective on the US Open Tennis Championships in New York City. More...

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    SourceCode eyes .NET workflow sales
    Another Windows bug open to Zotob-like attacks
    Beta launched for OpenOffice 2.0

    Firefox 1.5 Beta 1 due next week
    Firefox 1.5 will hit Beta 1 on 8 September, according to Mozilla Foundation developers. More...

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    Yahoo improves web mail search
    SEC filing shows Microsoft fears Firefox
    Beta launched for OpenOffice 2.0

    New Orleans paper shifts to web only
    For the second day, the Times-Picayune, New Orleans' daily paper, published a web-only edition, as like other businesses it has had to abandon the city. More...

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    Web is bulletin board for Katrina victims
    Katrina overwhelms telco giants' contingency plans
    Katrina causes HP to postpone Tech Forum

    Fast, dependable data recovery solutions - see Ontrack!

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    ping: Microsoft joins VoIP fight | Telstra denies staff spying | Record labels file fresh suits ...and more

    ping | Hi P C, this is your IT update.
    | Thursday, September 01, 2005

    Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities
    that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and
    secure and protect the world?s most critical information. Visit Nortel
    on the Web at
    top stories
    Microsoft joins VoIP fight
    MICROSOFT has bought internet phone company Teleo to join Google and
    Yahoo in the race to be first to let instant-messaging customers call
    conventional phones.

    Telstra denies staff spying
    TELSTRA has admitted collecting sensitive information on its staff, but
    was forced to assure workers they were not being spied on.

    Record labels file fresh suits
    THE US recording industry has targetted hundreds of individuals in its
    latest round of copyright infringement lawsuits.

    'Amigos' told to stop whinging
    COMMUNICATIONS Minister Helen Coonan has told Telstra's new American
    heads to stop whingeing about the way Australia regulates the
    communications industry.

    Spy sats aid Katrina rescues
    SPY satellites have been called into service to help US officials cope
    with the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    Nats' ad blitz sells T3 backdown
    THE Nationals are planning an Australia-wide advertising blitz to sell
    its support for the full privatisation of Telstra.

    LogicaCMG looks for buys
    ANGLO-Dutch software and IT group logicaCMG has posted a sharp rise in
    first-half pre-tax profit and said it was looking to acquire businesses
    in its loss-making regions France and Germany.

    Games seeks tech stars
    IT'S being billed as a "once in a lifetime" opportunity for techies to
    involve themselves in the glamorous world of elite sport, with
    recruiters on the lookout for 35 IT staffers for Melbourne's 2006
    Commonwealth Games.


    news features
    Triple treat
    SIN QUYEN, North Vietnam, 1989, was the last place Rick Watsford could
    not be contacted 24 hours a day by his family, the office, or a complete
    stranger, writes Victoria Lea.


    Plug N Play EA Sports
    IF you like the idea of reliving the halcyon days of 16-bit games but
    don't have the consoles any more, this cheap instant system may be


    Raised voices threaten Telstra
    Internet telephony could attack Telstra's revenue, Michael Sainsbury


    it jobs
    Expand your horizons - search over 10,000 jobs at Australian IT Jobs


    also at
    iPod patent wrangling continues

    Trying a slice of RFID pie

    Satellite titans in $4.2bn merger

    NZ Telecom plans $200m upgrade

    Consultants snare e-Health spend

    Rann under fire on India plan

    Microsoft, Dell race to Games

    Telco boss's passport seized

    Lifeline for Nortel lab

    Crackdown spurs P2P shift

    Pharmacy group centralises

    Big jump in tech jobs, pay

    Wireless chips to save water

    Licence not an ID card

    Face system shows its teeth


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    Word of the Day: spam cocktail Word of the Day
    September 01, 2005

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    TODAY'S WORD: spam cocktail

    A spam cocktail (or anti-spam cocktail) is the use of several
    different technologies in combination to successfully identify and
    minimize spam. The use of multiple mechanisms increases the accuracy
    of spam identification and reduces the number of false positives.

    A spam cocktail puts each e-mail message through a series of tests
    that provides a numeric score showing how likely the message is to be
    spam. Scores are computed and the message is assigned a probability
    rating. For example, it may be determined that a message has 85%
    probability that it is spam. E-mail administrators can create rules
    that govern how the messages are handled based on their scores; the
    highest scores may be deleted, medium scores may quarantined, and
    lower scores may be delivered but marked with a spam warning.

    A spam cocktail commonly includes several of the following
    identification methods, which may be weighted differently for message

    * Machine learning: Implementing sophisticated computer algorithms
    that improve over time to analyze the subject line and contents of a
    message and predict the probability that it is spam based on past
    results. The Bayesian filter is a type of machine learning.

    * Blacklisting: Subscribing to a blacklist or blackhole list of known
    spammers and blocking messages from those sources

    * Content filtering: Using programs that look for specific words or
    criteria in the subject line of body of a message

    * Spam signatures: Using programs that compare the patterns in new
    messages to patterns of known spam

    * Heuristics: Using heuristic programs that look for known sources,
    words or phrases, and transmission or content patterns

    * Reverse DNS lookup: Checking whether the IP address matches the
    domain name from which a message is coming.

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    HowStuffWorks explains how filters help stop spam.

    Find white papers, products and vendors related to spam cocktail.


    The Telecommunications Industry Association recently published a
    standard that attempts to address almost every design consideration
    in the data center. Is it a one-size-fits-all approach to data
    management or a way for IT managers to reel in costs in data center

    EMC is pushing ILM hard -- but what is the company really selling?,289142,sid5_gci1120700,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=526852

    Its creator says the newer certification aims to complement, not
    compete with, the better known CISSP. Others aren't convinced the
    distinction is clear.,289142,sid14_gci1120382,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=526852

    Catch up on all the latest IT news!


    This is an imaginary creature that causes trouble in devices and
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    What is it?


    The Electronic Controlled Acoustic Shadow System is the first device
    capable of blocking out a specified noise while leaving everything
    else audible. What is it called?
    a. the audio blocker
    b. the noise modifier
    c. the silence machine


    An LOB application is one of the set of critical computer
    applications that are vital to running an enterprise. What does LOB
    stand for?
    a. licensed object-based
    b. Linux outsourcing block
    c. line-of-business


    After deciding which firewall topology -- bastion host, screened
    subnet or multi-homed firewall -- best suits your IT infrastructure,
    you need to determine where to place your systems. This tip offers
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    ICE (In Case of Emergency),289893,sid9_gci1118419,00.html?track=NL-34&ad=526852

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    Microsoft Acquires VoIP Company

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    Microsoft Acquires VoIP Company
    [August 31, 2005] Microsoft acquires VoIP company with PSTN , click to call and search links capabilities as it accelerates the race towards full scale VoIP.

    Google Extends Book Scanning Operation
    [August 31, 2005] In the face of increasing protests from publishers, the search giant affirms its intention to go back to scanning books under copyright.

    Tweaks, Regressions in Latest Linux Kernel
    [August 31, 2005] New 2.6.13 Linux kernel is out with improvements and a few regressions too.

    'Roll Your Own' Linux
    [August 31, 2005] TimeSys launches a subscription-based service for embedded developers.

    IBM Readies Smoother BPM
    [August 31, 2005] Developers can use a new Tivoli tool to set business-specific policies in a service-oriented architecture.

    EPIC Battle Brewing Over Personal Phone Data
    [August 31, 2005] Privacy watchdog claims telecom carriers are being exploited by unauthorized third parties.

    I Phone for iTunes
    [August 31, 2005] Apple, Motorola and Cingular are expected to announce a new music phone.

    Zotob Writer Had Busy Summer
    [August 31, 2005] The 'signature' of the alleged virus writer has been detected in more than half of August's top 10 viruses, a security firm says.

    Katrina's Path Wends Through Web
    [August 31, 2005] The Internet is giving the world a front-row seat as the powerful storm unfolds.

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